Thursday, September 27, 2012

The First Outburst

I must admit I watch a lot of TV. But if someone asks what I like the most, I have to really think hard. For I watch things that I ususally dislike. I am entrapped and know that it's a trap! So I tend to get critical of everything that I watch. The fiction genre across Hindi GECs is indeed stranger than truth! The ideal Indian (and definitely Hindu) household lives in a joint system and an opulent setting. The attire is hyper-traditional, women are hyper-accessorized, men are hyper-patriarchs, and the narrative is hyper-melodrama. Excess indeed is hyper-excessive. And TAM says that this excess is hyper-popular (the tragedy of TV ratings!). Reality is scripted. So when a Himesh Reshammiya and an Atif Aslam fight it out in Dubai (Sur-Kshetra), it is even more pseudo than Sunny Deol's hyperbole in Border (remember J.P. Dutta). But the voyuer in me is waiting for our Sallu Miyan to kickstart the next season of Bigg Boss (the extra 'G' in 'Bigg' stands for gossip).. more catfights, some LSD..and yeah some catharsis! While all this is positioning itself, the T20 world cup (especially the highlights) are keeping many insomniacs occupied (Well some random survey in a newspaper said that 10 pm-1am is the new primetime!). Amidst this a SAB TV is strategizing how it can make all its sitcoms more slapstick and consequently more popular!

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