Monday, February 18, 2013

Televised Mayhem

The last three months have been (un)eventful. Opinions are running amok on every possible platform - whether it has been patriarchy and its 'ill-will', the lost sense of jihad, or the irony of saffron terrorism. Television's discursive practices have been re-constructing and repeating the mayhem - staging dramas and pulling off performances with all the 'fifty shades of grey, black, green and saffron'! There is a misplaced sense of exuberance in the strokes on the televised canvas. While a young woman seems to assume more and more objectification, Kasab's baffled state of (un)being paints another hapless picture. The echoes of nationalism seem ironic in the fading poignancy of Guru's execution. As I get lost in this televised mayhem, the (in)sane voices of Arnabs and Barkhas keep resonating in my mind. I question - how much can television simplify for it is in this oversimplification that it is robbing minds of thought, argument and articulation. And then there shall be no mayhem...

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